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Google Layoffs 2024 – Strategic Transformations amid Global Expansion

Key Points:

  • Google Layoffs Key Team Members Before Developer Conference
  • Company Shifts Focus to Enhance Artificial Intelligence Capabilities
  • Roles to Relocate, Company Shifts Some Positions to Mexico and India

Google Layoffs:

“Google Layoffs” Google made significant organizational changes before its recent successful financial report. They lay off at least 200 employees from their “Core” teams. CNBC reported that these changes also include moving some roles to India and Mexico.

The Core unit, which builds the technical foundation of Google’s leading products and keeps users safe online, underwent a restructuring. Important technical teams were impacted, including information technology, the Python developer team, technical infrastructure, security foundation, app platforms, core developers, and several engineering roles.


According to records, at least 50 engineering jobs in Sunnyvale, California, were cut. Internal documents indicate that many positions from core teams will be moved to Mexico and India.

“Google Layoffs” Google’s Vice President of Developer Ecosystem, Asim Husain, emailed his team about the layoffs, marking them as the biggest planned reduction for his team this year. He stressed the company’s commitment to maintaining its worldwide presence while expanding in high-growth areas to work nearer to partners and developer communities.

Alphabet, Google’s parent company, has been downsizing its workforce since early last year due to challenges in the online advertising market. Despite recent improvements in digital advertising, Alphabet has continued layoffs across various departments this year.

In mid-April, Chief Financial Officer Ruth Porat announced that the company’s finance department underwent restructuring. The changes included layoffs and position movements to Bangalore and Mexico City. Prabhakar Raghavan, Google’s search boss, shared plans to establish teams closer to users in key markets like India and Brazil, where labor costs are lower.


Despite the Google layoffs, Google posted its fastest growth rate since early 2022 and improved profit margins in the first quarter. The company also announced its inaugural dividend and a $70 billion buyback.

Pankaj Rohatgi, Google’s Security Engineering Vice President, revealed role eliminations as the company broadens its work to other locations. The layoffs also affect the governance and protected data group, vital amid growing regulatory scrutiny, including the European Union’s Digital Markets Act.

Evan Kotsovinos, holding the role of Google’s Vice President of Governance and Protected Data. Emphasized the imperative for the team to address emerging regulatory challenges swiftly. He underscored the criticality of the team’s ability to adapt rapidly in response to the evolving regulatory landscape. Highlighting the essential role it plays in ensuring compliance and mitigating risks. Meanwhile, Raghavan, in his acknowledgment, acknowledged the intensifying competition within the industry. Alongside the increasingly stringent regulatory environment and the noticeable deceleration in organic growth, which collectively define Google’s new operational reality. This acknowledgment underscores the pressing need for the organization to adopt a proactive and strategic approach, fostering agility and resilience to effectively navigate the evolving market dynamics and maintain its competitive edge in the long term.

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