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Google’s Final Warning – April 8th Last Day of Working for Dropcam, Dropcam Pro and Nest Secure

Google’s Final Warning:

Google has dispensed its vital warning that Dropcam and Dropcam Pro cameras, sideways with Nest Secure home security systems. “Google’s Final Warning” will cease functioning as of next Monday, April 8th. This proclamation was primarily made by Google a year ago, one month erstwhile to the launch of its revamped Home app.

As of the quantified date, the Dropcam and Dropcam Pro models, familiarized to the market in 2012 and 2013 correspondingly. Will endure a cessation of their ability to interface with the Nest application, thereby rendering them incapable of video recording. This denotes a significant operational shift, prompting users reliant on these devices for surveillance and security purposes to reconsider their strategies and potentially seek unconventional solutions. Despite this impending change, users will retain access to previously recorded video footage. Albeit subject to the constrictions of their individual Nest Sentient subscription plans.

The retention period for video history post-April 8th varies depending on the specific version and tier of the subscription. Ranging from a modest five days to a more extensive 60-day window. Such intricacies underscore the importance of understanding one’s subscription parameters and the implications of these alterations on one’s surveillance infrastructure. It behooves users to carefully assess their current setup, explore available options. And make informed decisions regarding future security measures to ensure continued efficacy and peace of mind in safeguarding their premises.

For Users:

Google’s Final Warning prevailing users are strongly advised to persistently monitor their email correspondence for a limited-time proposition pertaining to an indoor wired Nest Cam, set to expire on May 7th, 2024. However, of paramount importance is the realization that current Nest Sentient subscriptions will not undergo automatic termination. If users deem it necessary to discontinue their subscription, they must formally submit cancellation requests through It warrants consideration that if the subscription encompasses additional devices within the household. Such devices will remain operational despite the cancellation. Thus necessitating a thorough evaluation before proceeding with any termination actions.

The Nest Secure security system is scheduled to cease functioning. Those deemed eligible should have been notified via email of an offer. Encompassing either a Self Setup system from ADT (with a value of up to $475) or a $200 credit applicable toward purchases in the Google Store. It’s imperative to note that this offer is time-sensitive, expiring on May 7th, 2024.


For Nest Secure users with Nest x Yale Locks, a critical aspect to note is that following the cessation of support on April 8th. And the Nest Guard keypad will lose its aptitude to bridge your lock to Wi-Fi. Consequently, procuring a Nest Connect becomes imperative to maintain connectivity. Users who lack a Nest Connect should have received an email facilitating the acquisition of one at no cost. In the event of difficulties in setting it up before the offline evolution, assistance is available. Furthermore, access via passcode remains viable if previously established. Users devoid of a passcode must promptly establish one before the looming April 8th deadline to ensure uninterrupted functionality.

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