Ray-Ban Wayfarer Smart Glasses Image

Ray-Ban Wayfarer Smart Glasses – Matte Black, Polarized Gradient Graphite

Iconic Ray-Ban Style:

In the intricate fusion of groundbreaking Meta technology with the epitome of lightweight design of Ray-Ban Wayfarer Smart Glasses, a diverse range of meticulously engineered frames emerges, purposefully crafted to harmonize with the fluidity of the present moment. Also these frames serve as conduits for unbridled self-expression. Also enabling individuals to navigate the complexities of modern existence with grace and authenticity. While immersing themselves in the boundless realm of experiential exploration and personal evolution.


Within the expansive domain of optical innovation “Ray-Ban Wayfarer Smart Glasses”, a myriad of high-performance lenses awaits discerning individuals. Offering a multifaceted selection including sun lenses, polarized lenses, and the adaptive technology of Transitions lenses. Crafted at the pinnacle of precision, each lens variant embodies a symphony of advanced features. Boasting unparalleled clarity, luxurious comfort, and the assurance of 100% protection against both UVA and UVB radiation. Designed with versatility in mind, these lenses seamlessly accommodate prescription requirements. Also epitomizing a harmonious fusion of cutting-edge design and functional efficacy that redefines the very essence of ocular refinement and safeguarding in the contemporary landscape.

Capture High-Quality:

Harness the power to immortalize moments in stunning detail with the latest addition to your arsenal: the ultra-wide 12 MP camera coupled with a state-of-the-art five-microphone system. This formidable combination empowers you to seize high-quality photos and videos with unparalleled clarity and precision. Ensuring that every frame and sound captured resonates with uncompromising brilliance and depth.

Spark Creativity:

The flames of creativity, access crucial information, and wield control over an array of features with the sheer power of your voice. Also simply beckon Meta AI into action, and ensure that not a single beat is missed in your quest for productivity and innovation.


Ray-Ban Wayfarer Smart Glasses indulges in the luxury of discreet open-ear speakers. Also facilitating the immersion in rich audio quality for music and calls. All while maintaining an unbroken connection to the bustling world that surrounds you.

Calls & Messages:

Initiate calls and dispatch messages effortlessly across WhatsApp, Messenger, and SMS platforms, all with hands-free convenience, leveraging the sheer power of your voice.

Social Media:

Broadcast your distinctive perspective of cherished moments by seamlessly livestreaming them through your glasses directly to Instagram and Facebook. Also forging an unfiltered connection with your audience in real-time.


With up to four hours of battery life and a staggering 36 hours of charge time per fully charged portable case. Also you can seamlessly immerse yourself in your day-to-day endeavors without the slightest hint of interruption.


Leverage the power of the Meta View App to seamlessly pair up to two glasses with your phone and centralize their management within a single platform. Enhance your content with captivating special effects and effortlessly share your creations with friends, all with unrivaled ease and efficiency.


Benefit from 32 GB of storage capacity in Ray-Ban Wayfarer Smart Glasses. Accommodating up to 100 videos and 500 photos, all securely stored on your glasses for seamless access. Easily import your media into the app for convenient management. Navigate through accessible privacy settings, empowering you to oversee your information and determine whether to share supplementary data with Meta for the enhancement of both the app and glasses. Designed for individuals aged 13 and above, this functionality ensures both security and control over your digital assets.

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