SANSUI 22 Inch Monitor Image

SANSUI 22 Inch Monitor – Simple Deluxe, 1080P HDMI with Linkyou 30W Stereo Sound

Immersive Visual with IPS Panel:

SANSUI 22 Inch Monitor the 1920*1080P resolution monitor, boasting an IPS panel with a staggering 99.99% SRGB (72% NTSC) and a palette of 16.7 million display colors, conjures up visuals that are not just vivid but also remarkably lifelike. Its three-sided edge-less design seamlessly accommodates multiple monitor setups, while its ultra-slim profile establishes this monitor as a stylish augmentation to any workplace or gaming configuration.

HDMI & VGA Compatible:

Equipped with an HDMI cable, this monitor maximizes SANSUI 22 Inch Monitor’s resolution prowess at a formidable 1920*1080P with a refresh rate of 75Hz, seamlessly supporting Free Sync technology to mitigate the vexing issue of image tearing. The VGA connection, on the other hand, rapidly renders a spectrum of rich colors in dynamic scenarios. Also be it the high-paced realms of FPS/MOBA gaming, the intensity of action movies, or the nuances of video meetings. Ensuring every action unfolds without the hindrance of lags or blur. Through its HDMI ports, a swift and versatile connection is established with an array of devices such as PCs, laptops, TV boxes, game consoles, and more. Also be it the realm of work or the arena of gaming, the SANSUI monitor stands as a formidable ally, ready to offer substantial assistance.


Combatting ocular fatigue during extended use. This monitor deploys a potent arsenal against eye strain through its low blue light, anti-flicker, and anti-glare technologies. With a commanding 178° wide viewing angle, clarity reigns supreme from any conceivable perspective. The VESA mount facilitates a customizable elevation, ensuring the monitor sits at an ergonomic zenith for optimal viewing comfort. Moreover, the screen’s adaptability, ranging from -5° to 15°, affords the flexibility to tailor your viewing experience to a comfort level that suits your discerning eyes.

Easy Mount:

The 22-inch monitor demands a mere two-step ritual for mounting. It involves the seamless integration of two metallic components comprising the stand. Assemble these stand constituents, affix the monitor onto the stand with the precision of a button, and voila, you’ve effortlessly secured a finely-mounted monitor. The amalgamated metal stand not only streamlines the mounting process but also facilitates the expeditious dismounting of the monitor. Bolstering flexibility, it champions the 75×75 mm VESA mounting standard with screw holes measuring 2 holes with M4 x 8 mm dimensions. It provides an array of options to configure and set up the monitor according to your preferences.

30W Powerful & Clear Hi-Fi Stereo Sound:

Unleashing a formidable 30W of staggering stereo power, this portable wireless speaker delivers an auditory onslaught that transcends genres. Whether it be the pulsating beats of pop, the electronic symphony, or the raw energy of rock. Immerse yourself in the realm of superior stereo sound quality, as it conjures a realistic and dynamic musical experience. What sets this powerhouse apart is its ability to churn out crisp trebles, intricate mids. And notably intensified, breathtaking bass-making it the ideal wireless companion for your auditory indulgence. Be it within the confines of indoor serenity or the rugged expanse of the great outdoors.


Electrical plug-equipped products are specifically tailored for operation within the United States. Given the divergent landscape of outlets and voltage standards on the international stage. Deploying this product in your chosen destination might necessitate the utilization of an adapter or converter. It is imperative to diligently assess compatibility prior to committing to the purchase.

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