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Zoom and WebEx Integration for Seamless In-Car Conferencing

In a latest announcement made throughout the Detroit Auto Show, Google unveiled new upgrades Zoom and WebEx Integration for drivers with Android Auto-enabled automobiles. The employer discovered that those upgrades, initially brought at Google’s I/O convention in May, are part of their concerted efforts to set up a sturdy presence inside the automotive industry, through their Android Auto and Google integrated systems.

Zoom and WebEx Integration Revs Up in Android Auto

Zoom and WebEx Integration by means of Cisco, famous video conferencing systems, at the moment are accessible for audio-most effective conference calls in the Android Auto ecosystem. The rollout began with Zoom turning into to be had on Tuesday. With full get admission to predicted in the coming days. WebEx by Cisco is coming into a beta phase and could regularly end up to be had to customers over the coming weeks.

Google’s Android Auto is a supplementary interface that overlays on pinnacle of the car’s operating machine. Essentially functioning as an app at the consumer’s smartphone. It wirelessly connects to the vehicle’s show. Allowing users to undertaking features like navigation, media, and messaging from their Android-based totally smartphones onto the car’s display.

Google Built-In Transforms Vehicles with Android Automotive OS

In assessment, Google integration, based on the Android Automotive operating system, directly incorporates Google’s automotive services into the vehicle itself, providing a more integrated experience. Google has adapted Android Automotive OS, derived from its open-source mobile operating system, Linux-based Android, for use in vehicles. Automakers have collaborated with Google to embed this changed Android OS, complete with Google apps and offerings like Google Assistant, Google Maps, and the Google Play Store, into their automobiles.

Google has plans to introduce additional apps to cars, including Amazon Prime Video. Available in select vehicles featuring Google built-in, like the Polestar 2. With an estimated 200 million Android Auto-equipped vehicles anticipated by year-end. This underscores Google’s commitment to advancing tech integration in the automotive sector.

Zoom and WebEx are now accessible for audio-only calls in Android Auto. With Zoom’s rollout beginning on Tuesday and full access coming soon. WebEx by Cisco is currently in beta and will gradually become available to users over the next few weeks. This reflects the growing trend of connectivity enhancements. In the auto industry, addressing modern driver needs for staying connected while on the move, particularly in today’s interconnected world.

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