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Bluetooth LED Strip Lights – TJOY 100ft, Music Sync LED Lights Strip, RGB Color Changing LED Lights

Upgraded LED Lights 100 ft:

Witness the formidable prowess of the 100-foot Bluetooth LED Strip Lights, a veritable titan of luminosity capable of enveloping your entire space, radiating a brilliance so intense it sparks the flame of joy within. Meticulously designed for the purpose of embellishing various domains of your abode, these RGB LED light strips cater to spaces such as the Bedroom, Upstairs quarters, Kitchen, Ceiling, or the hub of productivity, your Computer desk. Not to mention, they serve as an impeccable adornment for the sanctity of Living rooms during both ordinary days and lively celebrations. Beyond mere décor, these luminous marvels make for an ideal gift, imparting a radiant cascade of delight to your cherished offspring.

2 Control Ways:

Engage in the realm of do-it-yourself mastery with the capacity to create a staggering array of over 16 million vibrant colors. Seize control over the nuances of brightness; seamlessly switch between hues as your whims dictate. Elevate your experience further through the integration of a smartphone application, granting you the prowess of timed functionality. Pre-set the optimal moments and select the perfect color scheme to orchestrate the automatic activation and deactivation of your luminous spectacle. Complementing this cutting-edge system is a compact yet formidable 24-keys infrared remote control. A diminutive yet potent device that empowers you with comprehensive command over the expansive palette of your illuminative domain.

100 FT Bluetooth Music Sync LED Strip:

Dive into the cutting-edge realm of the Bluetooth LED Strip Lights, also a revolutionary illumination apparatus featuring the innovative Music Mode accessible through the “JoyLight” application. This technological marvel boasts a built-in microphone with adjustable sensitivity. It facilitates a dynamic interaction with external music rhythms or the melodic vibes emanating from your personal playlist. Immerse yourself in a plethora of choices with 22 unique patterns. Each tailored to complement different scenes, providing an expansive spectrum of visual experiences. Your fingertips wield comprehensive control, finely tuning and effortlessly managing every aspect of this luminous spectacle to suit your preferences and surroundings. Also welcome to a world where the fusion of technology and ambiance coalesce seamlessly. It puts the reins of illumination mastery firmly in your hands.

Cuttable & Easy To Install:

These intelligent Bluetooth LED Strip Lights offer the flexibility of being cut along the designated cut-line. It allows for personalized DIY configurations tailored to diverse requirements. Note that once you cut off a section, it loses functionality and cannot be repurposed. A cautionary reminder when installing in corners: adhere strictly to the visual guidelines on the A+ page to prevent potential damage. Ensuring a pristine installation surface is imperative—free from dust and thoroughly dry. Employing industry-leading adhesives, these lights address the perennial issue of strip detachment. Also it provides a steadfast solution to maintain a secure and enduring installation.

Professional Services:

Also our unwavering commitment lies in furnishing customers with paramount product quality and an unparalleled shopping expedition. A comprehensive 12-month warranty and an unequivocal assurance of 100% satisfaction accompany the LED strip lights 50ft. Thorough perusal of the user manual is strongly advised before embarking on the utilization of the strip lights. Should any challenges arise during installation or issues involving defective items, replacements, or refunds persist. We urge you to expeditiously reach out to our customer service email for a swift and effective resolution. Rest assured, TJOY pledges to address and resolve your concerns within a mere 24-hour timeframe. Your contentment is our paramount priority.

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