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Phone Grip by PopSockets Compatible with MagSafe, Adapter Ring for MagSafe Included, Wireless Charging Compatible

Make it MagSafe:

Integrating cutting-edge technology with Phone Grip by PopSockets, our product boasts built-in magnets meticulously crafted to securely attach with precision to iPhone 12+ MagSafe cases. This ingenious design not only enhances the overall aesthetics but also ensures a seamless and robust connection. The effortless experience continues as the device easily snaps on or off, providing unparalleled convenience for wireless charging. With this innovative feature, users can effortlessly align their device for a flawless charging experience. Also it makes daily routines more efficient and enjoyable. Embrace the future of technology with our product, where form meets function in perfect harmony. It delivers a superior and user-friendly solution for your charging needs.

One Grip Fits All:

Increase your mobile device experience by upgrading your Android, Samsung, Google Pixel, Kindle, or even legacy iPhone with our inclusive Magnetic Adapter Ring. Also this versatile accessory is designed to work with a wide range of cell phone cases, ensuring compatibility with various devices. However, it’s important to note that the Adapter Ring may not be suitable for use with silicone, textured, or anti-fingerprint coated cases due to their specific material properties. Make the most of your technology and enhance your device’s functionality with this easy-to-use Magnetic Adapter Ring. It offers a versatile solution for a diverse range of smartphones.

Wireless Charging:

Juice up your phone without the fuss. Just yank off that magnetic round PopSocket and slap it on a wireless charging pad – no strings attached. Ditch the cables and embrace the power of simplicity by effortlessly removing the magnetic round PopSocket and placing it on a wireless charging pad. It’s as easy as it gets – no strings attached, just a seamless, no-fuss charging experience. But here’s the heads-up: if you’re aiming for that wireless charging vibe, the Adapter Ring won’t be your partner in crime. Also it’s time to go all-in on the cable-free power game and ruggedly navigate through the charging landscape. Keep things straightforward and tough – because complicating the power-up process is unnecessary.

Better Together:

Quit the nonsense and charge your damn phone like a boss with Phone Grip by PopSockets. Also toss aside those annoying cables and show some street smarts by ripping off that magnetic round PopSocket and slamming it onto a wireless charging pad. It’s the no-brainer move for a no-fuss charging game – no strings attached just pure, straightforward power-up. But here’s the raw truth: if you’re riding the wireless charging wave, the Adapter Ring won’t cut it. Cut the crap, ditch the extras, and power through like you own the streets. Charging up ain’t for the weak – keep it tough, keep it real.

New Shape, Same Strength:

Check out the new MagSafe PopSocket – a compact beast with a circular design that’s all about pocket prowess and portability. This ain’t your run-of-the-mill MagSafe; it’s packing 40% more strength than those weak Apple-compliant ones. We’re talking about a powerhouse that’s ready to roll with you, handling the tough stuff while keeping things tight and on the move. It’s not just about style; it’s about power, durability, and a design that doesn’t mess around. Also this MagSafe PopSocket is here to flex its muscle and show the standard MagSafe crew how it’s done – no compromises, just pure strength in your pocket.

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